Casting Agency

Roll, Camera, Action is primarily engaged in casting of film talents in the film sector. We believe in giving golden opportunities to the deserved.

“Roll Camera Action Casting Agency” (RCACA) headed by Abhinandan Dutta is one of the newest born agencies of West Bengal. Since we have quite a large media industry based in Kolkata, we very frequently need actors to cast in. So, here we are. In search for good actors. Our agency may be new, but we already have a good amount of actors in our bank. Our agency works for all languages, especially Bengali. The language of the Indian Cinema & Television are changing. Therefore we are in need for fresh, and good talents. Our Agency is willing to take the responsibility of seeking those talent and bring them forward. Our only moto is to cast good actors in fitted roles. RCACA is a good platform to choose from young talents as well as experienced campaigners.

Abhinandan Dutta, Casting Director of this agency, has casted many fresh new talents in bengali industry. He has helped in casting for “Goynar Baksho” & “Aarshinagar” directed by Aparna Sen, “Meghe Dhaka Tara” directed by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, “Sudhu Tomari Janyo” directed by Birsa Dasgupta and many more movies and television projects like “Bhoomikanya” and many more. Now, he is officially associated with RCACA as a casting Director.

We have already started our journey with “Ghare Baire Aaj”, upcoming movie directed by Aparna Sen. We have finished our casting for a movie of Shri Venkatesh films. Some more movies and web series is coming to us. With great perseverance, we must continue our journey for the better future of the Industry.