We Produce production of Independent Cinema

Roll, Camera, Action is both, expert and enthusiastic about production of Independent Cinema. The house is likely to garner independent talents from Bengal.

We Produce

Roll, Camera, Action is the new big thing when it comes to producing Good Quality Cinema than stressing on Box Office Revenues. That does not mean money does not matter to us! Well, we have just figured out the alternative genre of Cinema and working to promote talents who are interested to make movies that are out-of-the-box.

Independent Cinema has reached to its peak in the Southern and Western part of the country, and now, it's time we should act to elevate our standards as well. At Roll, Camera, Action, we are working to provide a creative platform for Art-House Cinema to flourish in Bengal. It does not mean we are against the established norms, it's just about stressing more on how we can make something new! We are a new wave prdocution house believing in three words, Roll, Camera, Action! That's it. Cinema is the only thing that matters to us, nothing else.